Sven Bischoff Fotografie


2018: Das kleine Format

In late 2018, the amazing Kornelia Doll asked me if I'd like to provide some selected works for her exhibition "Das kleine Format" at the art hall "Art Affect" . It was an exceptional honor to be selected by the jury to be able to participate. Here, the cyanotype "Yggdrasil" has been shown to the public for the first time.

2013: Interkulturelles Kunstprojekt

This intercultural art meetup was initiated by Michael Maske and Rainer Gosslar in Königlutter for the first time in 2013. I had the honor to be selected to participate at its first installment from the 15th to the 21th of June 2013 where I worked together with very talented artists, including Şenol Karakaya from different art areas and countries. This resulted in a Vernissage and mixed exhibition of our works.In its aftermath, I've been selected to capture the amazing art selection of Hans Zilch for the exhibition and book "Ellerin Büyüsü".